The Grand Union Canal Entertainment Company are husband and wife Jake and Chloe Middleton-Metcalfe.

Chloe: Graduated with a degree in costume making from the Central School of Speech and Drama. Brought up  in the Northamptonshire canal village Stoke Bruerne, she was always fascinated by canal history and set about re-creating Edwardian boat attire, teaching herself the art of spiderweb embroidery.Brought up with folk music and song she learned clog dancing, performing at folk festivals up and down the country and then in 2016 she started a government funded PhD researching English folk dance.

Jake: Jake is a concertina player who has a deep interest in 19th century English music, be it from canal boaters, factory workers, or morris dancers. Jake is an award winning morris dancer and has for about 10 years danced at various folk festivals around England. Jake is a professional concertina maker, making instruments inspired by Victorian designs. To learn more about his work visit

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